White Quartz Crystal Cluster (Medium)

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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This beautiful multi-point formation of White Quartz Crystal measures 5x3x5.5" and weighs approximately1.2 kilos (2.6 lbs). It has a rainbow point, a flat base and is a convenient size for placement in any home or office environment.  

White quartz resonates purity, regeneration and unity.  It is the master healer teacher stone and is a high vibration crystal, resonating, amplifying and directing healing energy. It also can amplify the energy of other crystals.  It activates all of the energy centers (chakras) within the body and is used by healers to clear blockages and cleanse the aura field. 

All crystals receive reiki energy clearing when they arrive at the studio.  They are lovingly wrapped and packed for safe travel and arrival.

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