White Quartz Chunk with Teal Green & Black Tourmaline

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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This White Quartz Chunk has a large teal green tourmaline deposit, some grass length pieces, and a smaller deposit of black tourmaline.  It measures 3.5x1.5x1.75", weighs 152 grams (1/3 lb) and has a flat base.  

White and Clear Quartz are connected to the eighth chakra.  It is the stone of divinity and is considered the master healer - teacher.  It enhances analytical function, is used as an energy amplifier and helps to rebalance the aura.  

Green tourmaline is a stone of the heart, and is said to have a strong energy of healing and compassion, especially towards oneself.     

Black tourmaline is a protective stone which helps to repel and displace negative energy.  It purifies and transforms dense energy into higher vibration energy as well as helps with grounding.

All crystals receive reiki energy clearing when they arrive at our studio.  They are lovingly wrapped and packed to ensure they arrive safely to you.

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