Parrotwing Turquoise Stone Bangle Bracelet ~ SOLD

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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Not turquoise, but similar in color to the blue-hued stone, parrotwing is actually a mixture of several stones including chrysacolla, jasper, quartz and azurite.  It exhibits the same rich and natural blue-green turquoise color but with the beautiful patterning of jasper and striations of blue green and white (and sometimes reddish brown) detail.  Looking like the fine detail in a Kandinsky painting, parrotwing stone features a natural circling design whose color and feathery detail give it it's name.  Beautiful matrixes of brown and silvery-white can be seen in the surface.  

Bangle bracelet fits a 7-7.5" wrist

Parrotwing is a rare stone, and is mined in Mexico.  It is known as a feminine stone, as it is multi-faceted being comprised of several different minerals to make one beautiful stone.  It provides calm and emotional balance and is said to posess goddess energy and removes the obstacles set before you. 

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