Indian Head Coin Necklace with Lapis and Vintage Silver Chimes

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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Our Indian Head Coin Necklace is 26" of Pyrite-infused Lapis Lazuli stone.  It is strung with silver thread and features a vintage indian head nickel and four vintage silver Indonesian chimes. A great neutral piece to wear with a white shirt and your favorite blue jeans.  A new design by Gilded Lily Jewelry.

Necklace length is 26" Vintage charms are circa 1940's or earlier. Lapis is 12mm.  

Lapis is renowned for being a lucky stone and a stone of protection from negativity and psychic attacks.  Babies are given lapis to wear into adulthood for protection. Lapis also helps to foster inner knowledge and wisdom, thereby bringing inner peace and harmony.  Pyrite is a stone of grounding, luck, and wealth.


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