Green Agate Faceted Stone with American Turquoise Chunk

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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Faceted green agate stones in gradations of green to gold to red are strung with a quadruple stretchy lanyard so there's no need for a clasp.  A natural turquoise stone from Kingman Arizona is the accent stone along with a single chrysoprase stone.  

Necklace length 22"

Moss agate corrects left-brain imbalances and stimulates creativity, is considered the gardener's stone.  Energies are creativity, prosperity, and abundance  

Chrysoprase is a stone of the heart and sacral chakras.  Energies are luck, properity, joy, happiness, courage, hope, and the ability of discernment.

Turquoise is known for healing negative energies, is a stone of strength and protection.  It is one of the oldest stones known to man. 

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