Blue Celestite 2" Chunk (Mini)

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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This Blue Celestite chunk (also known as Celestine) is a perfect size for personal use.  It measures 2x1.5x2" and weighs 0.2 lbs.  Blue Celestite is a crystallized mineral that mainly comes from Madagascar.  It displays some pleochroic properties which means that it appears to have different colors when observed from different angles. This Celestite cluster has a beautiful rise on one side with smaller lighter blue crystals on the bottom and a vein of hematite and iron in between.  Celstite should not be left in the sun as it is possible that the color will fade over time.

Blue Celestite is a stone of the throat chakra.  It is a high vibration stone that helps aid in communication by restoring balance to the throat chakra.  It helps to remember dreams and facilitate lucid dreaming.

All crystals receive reiki energy clearing when they arrive at the studio.  They are lovingly wrapped and packed to ensure they safely arrive to you.

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