Versatile Aquamarine and Vintage White Jade Quan Yin Necklace - SOLD

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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Quan Yin is the goddess of kindness and compassion and is the only female Buddha.  She hears the pain of the world and goes where she is needed to calm suffering.  Luscious natural faceted aquamarine stones are paired with a vintage hand-carved "white jade" pendant of the goddess Quan Yin. The carving is vintage, circa 1980.  This necklace has no clasp because it is quadruple strung on stretchy lanyard with individual knots.  To wear it doubled simply pull it over your head - no clasp needed!  Original design by Gilded Lily Jewelry.

Energies of aquamarine stone are peaceful and calming. White jade energies are calming, grounding, peaceful, harmonious, and bring luck.

Necklace length 35"

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