American Turquoise (Untreated) Necklace with Vintage Silver Bell Pendant

By Gilded Lily Jewelry

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A natural American Turquoise stone with varying shades of blue is the center piece of this necklace.  A vintage 1950's Thai silver bell with antique silver and green agate and labradorite stone charms are paired with an oxidized silver link fluted chain for a bohemian vibe. Handmade in CT, all non-vintage materials are made in the USA. Energies are strength & protection & grounding.  All pieces are imbued with reiki energy.    

Necklace length is adjustable 26" but can be adjusted to a shorter length. 

Turquoise is a protective stone and stone of strength.  It is one of the oldest stones known to man.  It is also the birthstone for December.

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