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This is general information about our policies to help give you the best shopping experience while visiting our online store! General Information about our Jewelry, Designers, Lead time for Special Orders, and Shipping are included.


Gilded Lily Jewelry
Our Physical Address is :
742 Main Street South Woodbury, CT 06798
Contact Phone - (203) 263-8321 or
Out of State (888) 539-1120 


Tuesday - Saturday, 10 - 5pm, EST


email:  info@gildedlilyjewelry.com


Here is a listing of the jewelry designers we carry:

Alex and Ani, Anatoli, Denis and Charles, Echo of the Dreamer, ella bella for Tommy Conch, Heather Benjamin, Heather Moore Jewelry, HONORA, Love Heals, Mars and Valentine, Metal Monk, Officina Bernardi, Rosena Sammi, Trollbeads.  PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL OF OUR LINES LISTED HERE ARE ON OUR WEBSITE, BUT THEY ARE AVAILABLE IN OUR RETAIL STORE.



We want to be sure you have your jewelry to enjoy for a lifetime.  That requires following the care instructions that are included with your purchase.  Although every item is unique, in many cases there are general, common-sense guidelines you can follow to ensure you will have your jewelry to enjoy for a lifetime.   

Silver Jewelry   Caring for silver jewelry requires occasional polishing with a polishing cloth and storing your jewelry sensibly when not wearing it.  We recommend placing your jewelry on a flat surface designated for your piece.  Here are some basic "don'ts" when caring for your sterling silver jewelry:

DON'T - leave your sterling silver jewelry in liquid silver cleaner, you will not be happy with what you find when you come back to it later!  At a minimum, liquid silver jewelry cleaner will remove all of the delicate and carefully placed oxidation (that's the black stuff) in the crevices and folds of your piece that was put there on purpose by the designer, to highlight the design and create contrast with the shiny surface of the piece.  The worst case scenario is that your silver jewelry will be completely BLACK when you retrieve it, or will have changed to different shades of RAINBOW COLORS.  This is because silver jewelry is highly reactive when in the presence of chemicals, and any liquid silver cleaner must be used with a deft hand and considerable CAUTION.  

DON'T - Wear your sterling jewelry into water, including but not limited to chlorinated pools, lakes, oceans, jaccuzzis, bathtubs, etc.  Any chemicals you expose your silver jewelry to has the potential to turn your piece black, or different colors, as it would if you left it in silver jewelry cleaner for too long (see above).  We recommend you do not wear your jewelry while putting on sunscreen, perfume, hairspray, spray tan (figured that was self explanitory but you never know...) body cream, etc. 

DON'T - throw your piece casually into a pouch into your pocketbook, book bag, or gym bag.  Often we see jewelry come in for repair that has what we call "pressure breaks".  We don't always realize that with all of the items we carry in our purse, it puts pressure on anything inside of the bag.  The force of throwing our handbag over our shoulder, onto the seat of our car, public transportation seat, kitchen table, floor, etc. creates enough torque to break your jewelry at the more delicate solder points, jump rings, clasps, etc. and can crack stones, break prongs, or even bend the entire setting.  This also applies to jewelry strung with pearl string or wire.  Please note this is not the fault of the designer who created the piece, but is the nature of wear and tear.  Jewelry that is made from silver and gold will not wear like iron, and should be treated with kindness.  

Silver and Gold Jewelry  For silver and gold jewelry, follow the same guidelines that you would above for silver jewelry.  

Gold Vermeil Jewelry  Gold vermeil jewelry is jewelry that has a sterling silver, or a bronze base, and is plated in some karat gold, usually either 14kt or 18kt.  Our gold vermeil jewelry is guaranteed so long as you follow the care guidelines.  If you do not receive care instructions with your purchase, then please follow the general care guidelines cited on our page here.  Caring for your gold vermeil jewelry requires occasional polishing with a polishing cloth and storing your jewelry sensibly when not wearing it.  We recommend placing your jewelry on a flat surface designated for your piece.  Here are some basic don't when caring for your gold vermeil jewelry:

DON'T - Expose your gold vermeil jewelry to chemicals (see above caring for your sterling silver jewelry). Most gold vermeil jewelry has a sterling silver base, so the metal underneath the gold has the potential to react similary to chemicals as sterling silver jewelry.  

DON'T - Place your gold vermeil jewelry up against other pieces of jewelry that will have the potential to scratch or mar the surface of your gold vermeil jewelry.  

If you have any other questions about caring for your jewelry, or if you see something that you feel could potentially be damage on your piece, don't hesitate to call us and we'll be happy to help you!


Gift Wrap Service (always complimentary!)  Every piece that ships out of our store will be accompanied with a gift box or gift wrapping.  If you prefer not to have a gift item gift wrapped, please specify in the order notes section at check out.  Because gift wrapping is our rule and not an exception, please make a note when checking out in the ORDER NOTES section if you prefer not to have  your item in a gift box or gift wrapped.  


Gift Bags are available for customer pick up from our store



All items ship from out from our little store located at 742 Main Street South in Woodbury, CT unless Drop Shipping is required.  Drop Shipping is when an item is sent directly from the designer to the customer's address, without stopping at our store first because you need an item as quickly as possible to make an anniversary or a birthday deadline.  This happens only in the case of a special order that we have placed for a customer because an item they want to purchase is now out of stock.  The Drop Shipping Service is only available with purchases made from Heather Moore Jewelry, as they are the only designer we know who is set up to do this!   All items being shipped from our location are shipped UPS Ground, unless designated as two day or next day air.  All items over $150 ship Ground for Free (yay!) and that includes sale merchandise.  Free Ground Shipping is available only withing the coastal United States.  International Shipping is also available to our friends abroad, and upon checkout the UPS shipping rate will be calculated based on your location.  Orders shipfrom our store, Tuesday - Friday.  

If your order is placed over the weekend, it will ship out on the next business day.  If your order is placed prior to 2pm Tues - Friday, your order will ship out the same day! 



At Gilded Lily Jewelry we want you to be happy!  We encourage you to call and speak with us regarding any questions you may have before you purchase.  However if you are unhappy with an item or have a change of heart, please email us immediately so that we can accommodate you with an exchange or refund.  Exchanges or Refunds of unworn merchandise will be accepted if items are returned in their original condition and packaging within FIVE DAYS of you receiving them in the ORIGINAL BOX.  This is to ensure that anything you purchase from us is new, and that it hasn't been worn extensively by someone else.  In the event an item is defective, we will unconditionally accept that item for exchange or a full refund of the product value.  Shipping costs are not refundableand please also note, that any exchanges or refunds will require you to pay shipping back to us.  Our shipping address is:       

Gilded Lily Jewelry, 

attn: Exchanges & Returns

742 Main Street South

Woodbury, CT  06798    

Please keep in  mind that the nature of hand-made and organic jewelry, gift, and accessory items lends itself to variations that include but are not limited to color, texture, shape and size.  These variations are not considered defects, and items that have been damaged due to customer wear are not considered defects.  Sale and Special Order merchandise is not returnable for exchange or refund, so please be sure you absolutely love it before you place your special order.

If you are unsure about your exchange or return, please feel free to call us at the store with your question and we'll be happy to help you!




For our friends abroad who are shopping with us, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Pay Pal for transactions on our website.  To contact our store, you will need to dial the US country code, 001, then our local phone number, (203) 263-8321 to complete your call.  Calls on the 888# will NOT be accepted from international locations by the phone company.  All items ship UPS International Service.  Please note, that any exchanges or refunds will require you to pay return shipping.  Our shipping address is:       

Gilded Lily Jewelry, 

attn: Exchanges & Returns

742 Main Street South

Woodbury, CT  06798   


Special Order Lead Times by Designer

In the event you want to purchase an item that you have seen on the website and it is currently out of stock, this listing will give you an idea of the lead time required to receive a special order from this particular line.  Please note, the lead time is the time it takes the designer to make the piece, and does not include shipping time from them to our store, or from our store to you.  Please also note that special ordering is not available for all lines we carry:

Anatoli   8 - 12 weeks

Charity by Design  Special Order lead times vary depending upon the individual designer

Echo of the Dreamer  10 - 12 weeks


Ella Bella / Tommy Conch 1 - 4 weeks

Heather Moore Jewelry  3 - 4 weeks / 8 weeks for custom stamping projects

Love Heals   4 - 6 weeks


Mars and Valentine 10 - 12 weeks


Officina Bernardi   6 - 8 weeks


Rosena Sammi  6 - 8 weeks



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