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Gilded Lily Jewelry - touches the heart and speaks to the soul

For the past several years, I have been studying with a shaman and with spirit. This has led me to create my own line of handmade & semi-precious jewelry that is infused with healing reiki energy & shamanic energies, or "medicine".  With respect to mother earth, I strive to make my pieces as green as possible; I use natural untreated semi-precious stones as much as possible as well as vintage and ethnic components that are ethically sourced with fair trade practices.  I let the natural beauty and energies of all of these pieces, and the natural beauty of the stones, be my inspiration for my jewelry designs. Stones are semi-precious, all natural, untreated, & selected for their uniqueness.  Chains & components are made in the USA, or are reclaimed vintage, individually selected, genuinely well-traveled & loved. 

All pieces are infused with reiki & shamanic energies.  Handmade & original designs by Donna Dreska in Woodbury, CT USA


A note about the website...

I will be updating the website as much as possible in an effort to keep it current and relevant, however weekly updates aren't always possible when I'm either traveling, or going through an intense design period...which is often!  I believe in making jewelry pieces that are unique and limited edition, so that means you won't see my jewelry here at the online store being duplicated at our retail partners' locations.  I also want to support my retail partners...not compete with them, so the jewelry they carry is unique to their stores or are limited editions as well.  

Retailers :)

The Jewelry Cafe | 742 Main Street South | Woodbury, CT 06798 | (203) 262-8599 ~ Laura

J.Horton | 690 Boston Post Road | Madison, CT 06443 | (203) 779.5343 ~ Joan


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my online store, I really appreciate it!  I hope that you have fun shopping and please don't hesitate to call with any questions or also suggestions on how I can keep improving your time with Gilded Lily Jewelry :)  

~Happy Shopping! 




 (203) 565-9215 or email:  info@gildedlilyjewelry.com
We are now located in a private studio in Woodbury, CT.
Our Mailing Address: PO Box 710  Woodbury, CT  06798

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